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Carmel Driving School is a family owned business based in the eastern suburbs specialising in driver training for those currently holding a Victorian L-plate drivers licence. We also provide training for P-platers and overseas/international drivers.

At Carmel Driving School we do not only teach you how to pass your driving test, but we train you to become safe drivers after you have obtained your probationary licence.

During our lessons we teach our drivers useful techniques that will help them shape their driving habits in a positive manner. These techniques such as speed management, responding to hazards, decision making, scanning and observation will help our pupils to gain confidence on the road and consequently instill safe driving.


Carmel Driving School offers many services for it's students in order to provide their experience with a more comprehensive learning curve.

Progress Chart

Every student of Carmel Driving School will have their own progress chart to help reach the students goal in shorter period of time. This process also assists us in identifying our students weak driving attributes and concentrate systematically on those specific areas where more attention and consideration is required. We will attend to these so called weak aspects in a manner so that they will benefit in the long run.

Tailored lessons

At Carmel Driving School we tailor each lesson to the needs of every learner driver. After the first assessment lesson our instructors will customise future lessons to suit each students individually rather than having a generic lesson plan for all students. This is why Carmel Driving School has a high driving test pass ratio. We take pride in the fact that our lessons are customised as we see the positive results soon after.

International drivers

For our international drivers with an overseas licence, depending on how long they will be residing in Victoria and where the licence was obtained you will be able to drive within Victoria using your licence for a predefined period of time.


At Carmel Driving School our training cars are equipped with an automatic transmission as we believe this suits beginning drivers better. We find our students can concentrate more on safe driving while in an automatic vehicle as they don't also need to be aware of changing gears at different speeds and road projections.


Our prices are affordable and fair as we know most of our customers are students. Our competitive packages help you save even more.

The prices are current as of February 2022. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Single lesson


1 hour

5 lesson package


5 hours

You save

10 lesson package


10 hours

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Driving Test


Includes 1 hour practice

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